Acoustic RibPanel Slim

Acoustic comfort and delicate design

Acoustics RibPanel Slim is a panel consisting of Acoustic Pet Felt covered with a surface material of your choice. This can be, for example, PVC or laminate. Pet Felt is a soft felt material made of 100% PET. The Acoustic RibPanel Slim is a sound-absorbing panel that improves the acoustics in the room and thus reduces reverberation. This wall panel can be put together according to your own choice. Create a real eye-catcher in the room!

Great design freedom with the Acoustic RibPanel Slim

The Acoustic RibPanel Slim fits into multiple interior styles, from hotel chic to Scandinavian. These acoustic wall panels have great design freedom. You can choose from different felt colors and surfaces: wood veneer, lightweight concrete or stone veneer. Mix and match and arrive at the ideal combination of surfaces and the colour of the felt. The panels are also suitable for ceilings or as sheet material for, for example, kitchens and counters. You can do anything with it. Would you like advice about the possibilities? Contact us!

acoustic rib panel slim wood veneer
acoustic rib panel smart concrete look
slatted wall wood veneer
slatted wall wood

Surface-mounted wall panel

  1. Front depending on the chosen surface
  2. PET Felt
  3. Back of laminate or veneer
acoustic rib panel smart construction
acoustic rib panel slim mounting


This acoustic wall panel can be easily installed by using nails, staples or screws through the felt backing or place the panels on the back with fasteners. Direct bonding with a strong mounting adhesive is also possible.

Improving acoustics with RibPanels

Good acoustics are an important requirement in many public spaces, offices, restaurants or hotels. You can reduce the reverberation by placing acoustic panels on the ceiling or wall. This has a major influence on the atmosphere and perception of the space. The Acoustic RibPanels are wall panels with wooden slats that are very popular at the moment. That’s not for nothing. These panels give the room a luxurious and warm appearance and are the perfect solution to improve the acoustics.

The RibPanels conduct the sound waves between the slats and are absorbed by the felt. The acoustic effectiveness can be adjusted depending on the slat width and spacing.

table acoustic rib panel slim

Technical data

Acoustic Rib Panel Slim is in contrast to the Acoustic Rib Panels made of PET Felt covered with a chosen surface. These surfaces are mounted in equally spaced strips. The standard size of the Acoustic RibPanel is 2800 x 210 mm. Large areas can be designed quickly and easily. We make everything in-house, so we can deliver tailor-made solutions quickly. The felt panels come in many colours and are made from recycled material (100% recyclable).

technical data acoustic rib panel slim
210 mm (wider on request)
Lamella thickness
approx. 12.5 mm (depending on the selected surface design)
10-12.5 kg/m2 (depending on the size and number of slats)