“… important things are not said aloud, but softly.”

Acoustic comfort and design

Semi-finished for professionals

Create the right experience of the room with Acoustic Trend

Acoustic Trend provides acoustic solutions with an eye for design. The experience of the interior space must be optimal, both aesthetically and functionally. Excellent acoustics are important in any interior space of offices, restaurants, public spaces or schools. But the eye also wants something! That is why Acoustic Trends offers acoustic solutions that radiate luxury, style and quality. Products with a beautiful design that ensure the right sound absorption. With a focus on sustainability and innovation.

Acoustic trend acoustic theater

Acoustic ceiling and wall products

‚ÄčAcoustic Trend offers acoustic wall and ceiling solutions for your design. Together we make your interior design a reality. Whether it is a small or large area. We have a suitable acoustic solution for every interior style. We have a wide range of acoustic wall and ceiling panels, screens and baffles. Do you need acoustic products that fit into the interior and that must meet a certain dB value? Let us know and we will look for the right products together. A lot is technically possible!

Customization for the interior builder

All our products are produced in-house, which makes it possible to purchase semi-finished products from us. Think of products for building pantries, counters, stairs or furniture. Wij hebben een uitgebreid machinepark met CNC-gestuurde houtbewerkingsmachines. Do you have special wishes in the field of sheet material? Thanks to our great expertise, we can help you with the best materials of high quality. Fast delivery guaranteed.

Acoustic Trend stands for quality, design and innovation

Our products guarantee high sound absorption and meet the highest fire safety requirements. We believe quality and innovation are important. We produce sheet material with a luxurious look and innovative design. Our plates with micro-perforation are an example of this. These are lightweight acoustic plates with fine little holes that you hardly notice, but which do record the sound optimally. Perfect for any design.

Or take our Acoustic RibPanels. This popular wall covering with wooden slats on felt can be put together according to your own wishes. Determine the color of the wood yourself and choose the color of the felt. Because we produce everything in-house, there is great freedom of design. Our people, expertise and machines together form the strength of Acoustic Trend.

Acoustic trend acoustics interior

“Sustainability is at the heart of our work and in turn affects the way we interact with our environment”

All our wooden products have the FSC certificate. We also supply acoustic PET Felt panels made of 100% PET. Completely environmentally friendly produced. In this way we want to leave the smallest possible footprint for the future of our children and the children of our children.