Acoustic Baffles

Vertical slats for perfect acoustics

Acoustic baffles are ideal in rooms with high ceilings for optimal sound absorption. Think of sports halls, theatres, exhibition halls, schools or offices. You hang the acoustic panels vertically from the ceiling. By hanging them vertically, the ceiling remains visible and you retain the spatial feeling. Because the baffles are produced individually, this offers a lot of design freedom. You can choose from different sizes, surfaces and perforations.

Acoustic ceiling panels with great design freedom

Acoustic baffles allow designers to create linear accents without compromising the interior. The free-hanging acoustic panels are available in different sizes, colors and surfaces. Wood veneer, PET Felt, perforated etc. This allows for a large degree of design freedom. You can vary in suspension height, distance between the baffles, the shape, thickness or size of the baffles. In recent years we have already seen beautiful designs. Come to us with your design and we’ll make it!

Acoustic baffles design freedom
acoustic baffle wood ceiling panel
acoustics baffles microperforation
acoustic baffles lightweight

Construction baffle

  1. Front laminate or veneer with hole pattern
  2. Honeycomb cardboard
  3. Wood-based frame (particle board / MDF)
  4. Black acoustic fleece
  5. Backside laminate or veneer with hole pattern
  6. Edging (veneer, ABS, PP, melamine, etc.)
acoustic baffle construction
acoustic baffle mounting


The Acoustic Baffles are mounted to the existing ceiling with steel wire suspensions. The baffles are then installed individually. The advantage of this is that the baffles can be placed anywhere in the room and suspension heights can vary. You can also choose to hang the acoustic ceiling panels by means of baffles installations with grid ceiling profiles. This is ideal for larger uniform surfaces.

Acoustic Baffles for nice acoustics

Acoustic Baffles are the solution for improving the acoustics in high rooms with wide ceiling surfaces. The big advantage of baffles is that the space above the ceiling remains free for maintenance facilities such as lighting or sprinkler systems.

The baffles absorb and conduct the sound waves between the slats, thereby reducing noise pollution and reflected sound. Especially in schools, offices and public spaces, reverberation in the room is very annoying and also bad for your health. It leads to headaches, poor concentration and fatigue. Good acoustics are therefore very important. Acoustic Trend offers several high-quality acoustic solutions with a lot of design freedom. Would you like advice about our options? Contact us!

table acoustic baffle

Technical data

Acoustic Baffles are made of wooden panels finished with laminate, veneer, light concrete or felt. The baffles can be produced up to 600 mm wide and up to 3000 mm long. It is possible to give the baffle its own character by choosing different dimensions and/or surfaces per baffle. There are special steel wire suspensions or baffle installations for fixing the individual baffles to the ceiling.

technical data acoustic baffles

Maximum dimensions:

3000 mm
600 mm
Panel thickness
50 mm
10-20 kg/m2 (depending on size)