Acoustic Compact Board

Acoustic panels with endless design possibilities

The Acoustic Compact Board is the classic design for the acoustic wall and ceiling solutions of large surfaces. The construction of these acoustically optimized panels with micro-perforated surfaces makes this product a real all-rounder. This acoustic panel can be completely adapted to the desired requirements and preferences.

Acoustic panels with great design freedom

The acoustic panels offer countless design options in the demanding and fast-paced interior designs. Beautiful as sheet material for counters, cupboards, walls or ceilings. For the surface and edge finish, you can choose from a colored finish according to RAL/NCS, real wood veneer, melamine or HPL coating. Acoustics Compact Board is available in different widths, lengths and the desired perforation.

acoustic compact board micro perforation
acoustics compact board wood veneer
acoustics compact board white perforation
acoustics compact board interior panel

Construction Acoustics Compact Board

    The Acoustic Compact Board panel consists of an MDF board with perforated laminate, veneer or another chosen surface on both sides. The surfaces and edges are freely selectable: a colored finish according to RAL/NCS, version with real wood veneer, melamine surface or HPL coating.

    1. Front selected surface with hole pattern
    2. MDF perforated
    3. Black acoustic fleece
    4. Back selected surface with hole pattern
    5. Edging (veneer, ABS, PP, melamine, etc.)
    construction acoustic compact board
    mounting acoustics compact board


    With the acoustic Compact Board, the room is quickly and easily covered and immediately gives the room its own character. Installation is quick and easy with the mounting profiles. Short panel clips are attached to the rear of the panel. These panel clips are hooked into the supplied mounting profiles of the substructure.

    Micro perforation for the best acoustics

    Our Compact Board is provided with micro-perforations with a diameter of 0.5 to 1.5 mm. This micro-perforation with no less than 320,000 holes per square meter ensures a high acoustic effect. Due to the meticulous small holes, these are almost ‘invisible’ and the panel retains its original decor.

    acoustic compact board table

    Technical data

    At Acoustics Compact you can choose from a Compact Board and Compact Trend. The Compact Board has micro perforation and is available in different colours, widths and lengths. Below are the maximum sizes. Do you have a design and would you like advice about the sizes or our other acoustic products, please contact us.


    • The acoustic board is easy to mount on the wall and ceiling.
    • Ideal as sheet material for cabinets and counters.
    • Acoustic Compact Board offers many design possibilities.
    • Excellent absorption with a frequency range Alpha-W value up to 0.75.
    Acoustic compact board technical data
    Compact Board
    Max. 3000 mm (depending on surface material)
    Max. 1250 mm (depending on surface material)
    Lamella thickness
    Approx. 12.5 kg/m2 (depending on surface material and size)