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Unique acoustic properties in 24 different base colors

Sound can affect our well-being and health in various ways. Too much or too loud noise can lead to hearing damage, stress, fatigue and concentration problems. Noise nuisance can also lead to irritation, tension and sleeping problems. It is therefore important to ensure good acoustics, for example by using acoustic panels, in order to create a pleasant and healthy environment.

The acoustic PE-light core panel is a solution that can help to better control and optimize the sound in a certain environment. This panel absorbs sound waves and prevents them from reflecting and accumulating, improving the acoustics of the room and increasing comfort. So you can indeed enjoy the perfect sound in a quiet environment in peace.

NEXT Acoustic Panel

NEXT Acoustics is an innovative and budget-friendly solution for optimizing acoustic performance. It is a lightweight, sound-absorbing base plate that offers versatile solutions for different applications.

The acoustic panel can be finished in various ways without compromising the acoustic performance. Various materials are available to finish the panel, such as wood veneer and HPL. In this way, the panel can not only be a functional acoustic element, but also an aesthetic addition to the room. This makes it ideal for designers and architects looking for creative ways to improve acoustics. With Ecoustic NEXT Acoustics you get optimal acoustic performance without going over your budget.

NEXT Acoustics is used for:

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NEXT Acoustics

The story of NEXT Acoustics starts in the construction industry, where there was a need for a light and acoustic panel that offered the same ease of use as a wooden panel. After extensive research and development, NEXT Acoustics was developed as the base plate for many acoustically absorbing applications.

NEXT Acoustics is not only light in weight, but also offers excellent acoustic performance and is also budget-friendly and durable. The panel is made of recyclable materials and can be produced in an efficient manner, making a constructive contribution to a circular economy and a sustainable future.

With the introduction of NEXT Acoustics, the construction industry now has a new and innovative solution to acoustic challenges. NEXT Acoustics not only offers high quality and durability, but also a stylish finish that gives designers and architects the freedom to give free rein to their creativity.

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The feeling of peace and comfort

By creating good acoustics, we can limit the negative effects of noise nuisance and improve people’s well-being. This applies not only to employees and visitors, but also to students in schools and residents in domestic environments.

Reducing noise nuisance can lead to less stress, better concentration and improved speech intelligibility. This allows people to concentrate and communicate better, which can ultimately lead to higher productivity and a better quality of life.

NEXT Acoustics panel

The panels are made of PE-light, a material that is 100% recyclable and human-friendly and also has excellent acoustic absorption values. This ensures that the panels are very effective in reducing reverberation and improving speech intelligibility in a room.

A major advantage of NEXT Acoustics panels is that they are very lightweight, weighing only 2, 3 or 4 kg/m². This makes them easy to handle and assemble, meaning they can be installed quickly and easily. In addition, the panels are easy to edit yourself, which means that they can be adapted to the specific requirements of a project.

In general, the acoustic panels from NEXT Acoustics offer an attractive solution for optimizing the acoustics in a room. They are technically and economically accessible, durable and aesthetically pleasing, making them suitable for a wide range of applications in, for example, offices, schools, restaurants and public buildings.

The acoustic panels from NEXT Acoustics are available in both standard dimensions and custom-made dimensions. The standard dimensions of the panels are 1,210 x 2,780 mm (W x H) with a thickness of 12, 16, 18, or 25 mm. This offers a great deal of flexibility in selecting the right dimensions for a specific space.

If the standard dimensions do not meet the requirements of a project, the panels can also be made to measure. The maximum dimensions for custom panels are 2800mm x 1250mm x 150mm. This allows the panels to be perfectly matched to the dimensions of a specific room and can be used for a wide range of applications.

Top properties

NEXT Acoustics Panel appears to be an excellent choice for those looking for both aesthetically pleasing and durable acoustic panels with high-quality sound-absorbing properties. The use of recycled materials and the possibility to adapt the material to any desired color and finish makes it very versatile and flexible to use in different types of spaces and interiors.

The panels are easy to handle and assemble, making the installation process smooth and fast. The fact that the material is nature and people-friendly is also a plus, because it contributes to a sustainable future and a healthier living environment.

The different top layers to choose from each offer their own unique look and properties. For example, veneer is a natural material that adds warmth and texture to the panels, while Lightweight Concrete gives a modern and industrial feel. HPL (High Pressure Laminate) is a very durable and easy-care material available in a wide range of colors and patterns, making it easy to find a suitable finish for every style and taste.

Combining the different top layers with the colors of the acoustic panels creates almost endless possibilities to create a unique finish that perfectly matches the desired aesthetics of the room. This makes NEXT Acoustics an extremely versatile and flexible solution for any acoustic problem, without losing sight of aesthetics. Whether in a classic or modern style, NEXT Acoustics offers a wide range of options to suit all needs and tastes.

Edit & Assemble

The light and stable properties of NEXT Acoustics make it very easy to handle and assemble. It is designed to combine the ease of use of a wooden plate with the light weight of modern materials.

NEXT Acoustics are easy to edit and install, making it an ideal choice for DIYers and professionals. The material can be cut with a saw (both manual and electric) or a sharp utility knife, and it can also be processed with CNC cutters, CNC mills, drills and V or U cuts.

Due to the simple processing options, NEXT Acoustics panels can be made to measure and adapted to the specific needs of a room. This makes it a versatile solution for any acoustic problem, where it is easy to adapt the material to the specific requirements of the environment.

Acoustic applications

NEXT Acoustics can be used for countless acoustic applications in different types of buildings and spaces, such as offices, schools, concert halls, theatres, restaurants, hotels and much more.

Whether it is about improving speech intelligibility in a meeting room, reducing reverberation in a concert hall or creating a comfortable working space in an office, NEXT Acoustics offers the solution for every acoustic challenge.

The material can be used for wall and ceiling panels, partition screens, furniture and even floors. The possibilities are endless, and our experts are happy to work with you to find the best solution for your unique situation.

With NEXT Acoustics you can count on a high-quality acoustic material with the best absorption values and a beautiful finish tailored to your wishes. Our goal is to improve your acoustic comfort and to contribute to a pleasant and healthy environment.