Lightweight acoustic

Low weight high sound insulation

Modern architecture makes extensive use of materials such as glass, steel and stone. These are hard materials that reflect the sound, which increases the sound level and reverberation in the room. With the Lightweight Acoustic panels you have a high sound absorption due to the micro-perforated surface. The fine holes are barely noticeable. The acoustic panels meet the highest requirements in terms of sound insulation and fire safety.

Acoustic perforated panels for interior construction

The acoustic perforated panels are very suitable for interior construction. By placing these panels you absorb the sound in rooms where it is needed. For example, also consider counter screens or as wall cladding in reception halls. You can choose from the thickness, size, shape, finish, choice of perforation, colours and so on. A lot is technically possible! All our acoustic products offer a lot of design freedom. That is why we like to think along with you to make your design a reality.

Lightweight acoustic interior
Lightweight acoustic perforated panel
Lightweight acoustic wall panel
Lightweight acoustic wood veneer

Structure perforated panel

  1. Front laminate or veneer with hole pattern
  2. Honeycomb cardboard
  3. Wood-based frame (particle board / MDF)
  4. Black acoustic fleece
  5. Backside laminate or veneer with hole pattern
  6. Edging (veneer, ABS, PP, melamine, etc.)
Lightweight acoustic surface panel
Lightweight acoustic mounting


Due to their low weight, these acoustic panels offer numerous application options. Easy mounting on wall and ceiling. Just like the Acoustic Grilles, the elements can be used in ceiling systems and fit in all common T-profile grid ceilings. The panels are also very suitable for use as custom panels for furniture elements or screens. The panel edges can be adjusted to the desired joint shape.

Lightweight Acoustic panels up to 70% lighter

With the Lightweight Acoustic panels you have maximum sound absorption. The sound is picked up by the micro-perforations with a diameter of 0.5 to 1.5 mm in various geometric configurations. With no less than 320,000 holes per square meter and its fine-mesh honeycomb structure, these perforated lightweight panels provide pleasant acoustics from the office to large halls.

Lightweight acoustic table

Technical data

The acoustic panels with diameters from 1.5 to 0.5 mm can be perforated with the highest precision in all laminates and veneers. The front and rear decks of the acoustic elements can be supplied with different perforations.


  • Up to 70% lighter than most other products.
  • Excellent sound absorption coefficient at all frequencies with our optimized technology.
  • Excellent sound absorption coefficient at all frequencies with our optimized technology.
  • Test procedures in accordance with DIN13501-1, SBI test method according to DIN EN 13823 and ASTM E 84 (USA).
lightweight acoustic technical data
3000 mm (depending on the surface material)
1200 mm (depending on the surface material)
Panel thickness
6.5-12.5 kg/m2 (depending on size and surface material)