“Sustainability is at the heart of our work and in turn affects the way we interact with our environment.”

Sustainable products for interior construction

Minimizing the impact on the environment

Our goal is to optimize our environmental management systems so that we can minimize the impact on the environment. That is why we work every day to reduce the consumption of raw materials and the amount of waste generated in our offices and production facilities. Acoustic Trend has implemented management systems in our production processes and we work in accordance with all major international standards and certifications. Acoustic Trend is ISO 9001 and FSC® (FSC-C118359). These standards and certifications are the ultimate guarantee for the durable and quality products that we produce.

sustainable products Acoustic Trend

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Acoustic Trend we are committed to society. We devote some of our efforts and work as an organization to improving our quality of life, supporting sustainability, quality, continuous education and innovation. We promote social responsibility and care for the environment towards our stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers and society in general). Our values motivate us to behave responsibly, based on the highest standards, certifications and standards of quality and safety at an international level.

Our sustainable products are FSC certified

Our products are often available as FSC® certified product. Given the current problems such as climate change and globalization, production must be sustainable and merge the growth of the organization with respect for the environment and people’s health. The products bearing the FSC® label are independently certified to assure consumers that the wood in their product comes from forests that are managed in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible manner, thus guaranteeing the resource for future generations.