Panel material interior construction

We supply ready-made panels and custom-made sheet material for interior construction. Our extensive machine park with CNC-controlled woodworking machines gives you a large degree of design freedom. We like to think along with you and come up with the most practical solutions for your interior project. Do you have special wishes in the field of sheet material? Thanks to our great expertise, we can help you with the best materials of high quality. Let your own design come to life with Acoustic Trend interior panels. Ask for the possibilities!

Customized furniture panels

Our products are available in various versions. Depending on the product type, different surface materials can be combined with perforations or slots. Acoustic Trend has a wide range of surface materials to choose from. From wood veneer to HPL laminate and colored coatings according to the RAL or NCS color code to our authentic Lightweight Concrete and Natural Stone veneer surfaces.

sheet material interior construction acoustic

Semi-finished for professionals

We produce individual parts and semi-finished products, but also complete end products including assembly. All our products are produced in-house. This makes it possible to turn your creative ideas into reality together. Whether they are products for building pantries, counters, walls, acoustic workplaces or stairs. We are open to many creative interior solutions.

Product processing of sheet material interior construction

Sawing, milling, drilling, priming or gluing: we can arrange it for you. With an extensive machine park with CNC-controlled woodworking machines, accuracy and fast delivery are guaranteed. The product operations that Acoustic Trend can do for you are:

  • Laser cutting/engraving
  • sawing work
  • CNC-frezen
  • Punching (Mini Micro)/ Punching
  • Milling edges of plates in profiles / lips / slots / facets and rounding
  • Bonding edges
  • Veneer/ HPL sheet material
  • Priming / lacquering / staining / oiling

Do you have questions about the materials or are you looking for something specific?
Contact us! We are happy to help you.